Food & Beverages

Since 2014, Riqz has been specialized in manufacturing and distribution of high-quality beverages such as natural coconut milk, coconut paste, and frozen coconut milk. We endeavor to provide a wider range of innovative, unique and tasty beverages. Besides those signature beverages, our company has broadened our products to fulfill the demands of the rapidly growing consumers. Our products have been developed and manufactured under the strict hygienic and sanitary condition.

Desire and preference of consumers are always our key concern. The presence of Santan Ukay has been introduced as daily essential of every adult and children, to sustain their energy, nutrition and wellness. Also, we value the interaction and engagement with consumers. Thus, Riqz Usaha Sdn Bhd extracts superior selected ingredients and makes the tastiest natural coconut milk. We are pleased to see that everyone enjoy their cookings and share their every blissful moment with us.

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